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Prime Pack USA’s goal is simple. We provide whatever packaging solution your company needs. As a subsidiary company to INEMEX, a Mexican owned company headquartered in Leon, Mexico, the INEMEX group has nearly 20 years’ experience in providing complete packaging solutions to practically every industry.

Based in the greater Houston, Texas area, Prime Pack USA works in conjunction with our INEMEX network branches in San Luis Potosi, Guadalajara, Queretaro and Torreon, Mexico to provide both local, regional and international expendable and/or returnable packaging solutions.

With the combined experience of the INEMEX network we can serve an array of industries including automotive, food, mining, technology, retail, furniture, logistics and many more throughout both North and Central America.

Our Products

Our main products include
(but are not limited to)

Packaging Solutions

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We offer a wide variety
of additional services, such as

Inventory Administration

Just in Time (JIT) Deliveries

Lean Manufacturing

Online Processes

Special Design for Packaging Materials

Scheduled Deliveries and Many More...

Where You Find Us?

Where You Find Us?

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